Depending on the nature of your complaint, please choose the appropriate form to submit a report regarding a violation of our Terms of Service on a website or system maintained by We will investigate and record all reports of abuse submitted to us. Where appropriate, we may take action if a violation of any of our terms of service is confirmed or when required to do so if an activity violates the policies of ICANN or appropriate Registry. We may request additional information from you about your report. However, please note we may not be able to provide you with specific updates in response to your specific report due to privacy reasons. As part of our investigation it may also be necessary for us to validate your complaint with our customer.

If you are an anti-spam/vigilance organization and have several cases to report, please do so via a spreadsheet and add it as an attachment when filling the required form below.

Once submission of an abuse report is received, we will create a unique Ticket ID in our system that we will use to track the report. This unique ID will be referenced once we respond accordingly with our review and any subsequent next steps.

Please note that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


You have received a link which fraudulently attempts to obtain sensitive information (usernames, passwords and credit card details). In most cases, the link resolves to a login page while disguising as a trustworthy entity.

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You have received unsolicited emails, text/SMS, an email requesting for confidential information , emails containing an authentic domain that redirects to a different site.

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You have received a link which when opended in a browser, prompts you to download a file to your computer/device.

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You have received a link which resolves to a website that is selling unauthorized branded items. The website has item prices along with a shopping cart.

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Harmful viewer content

You wish to report a domain name that promotes, encourages or engages in escort services, adult-related content or hosting child pornography that is potentially harmful to minors.

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Intellectual property infringement

You wish to report a domain name that is violating a registered patent, trademark or copyright. Report this to us only if the infringing domain is hosted with GDR or its name servers. This can be checked online through a 'hosting look-up tool'.

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Invasion of privacy

You wish to report a domain name that is disclosing sensitive/personal information about you/others.

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Scam website

You wish to report a domain name that is involved in 419 scam, Ponzi scheme, MLM/Pyramid scheme, HYIP

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Rogue Pharmacy website

You wish to report a domain name that has questionable pharmacy content or involved in unlawful distribution of controlled substances, prescription medications etc.

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Other unlawful activities

You wish to report a domain name involved in activities like gambling, money laundering, selling weapons/ammunition.

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